Lê Khắc Hồng Phúc
Ph.D student
Hi, I'm Phuc from Vietnam. Currently I'm a Ph.D student at the [ML-Labs](https://ml-labs.ucd.ie/) cohort, based in Dublin City University, Ireland. I do research related to Deep Learning in Multimedia, especially with video, under the supervison of Professor [Alan Smeaton](https://www.computing.dcu.ie/~asmeaton/index.html) and Professor [Kevin McGuinness](http://www.eeng.dcu.ie/~mcguinne/). I have broad interest from theoretical to practical aspects of building intelligent system, with focus on Representation Learning, Unsupervised / Self-supervised Learning and Differentiable Computing. # Projects I enjoy developing and contributing to Open Source Software on my freetime. Belows are some of my major open-source projects, for more detail check out my [Github](https://github.com/lkhphuc): * [**Pytorch-3D-Point-Cloud-Generation**](https://github.com/lkhphuc/pytorch-3d-point-cloud-generation): A popular port to Pytorch of “Learning Efficient Point Cloud Generation for Dense 3D Object Reconstruction”. * [**Anomaly-XRay-GANs**](https://github.com/lkhphuc/Anomaly-XRay-GANs): An early attempt at combing GAN and Autoencoder for anomaly detection in Xray images. * [**D2L-VN**](https://github.com/aivivn/d2l-vn): I am a Collaborators and help translate [Dive Into Deep Learning](https://www.d2l.ai/) book to Vietnamese. * [**Machine Learning Yearning Vietnamese Translation**](https://github.com/aivivn/Machine-Learning-Yearning-Vietnamese-Translation): I am a contributor and help translate [Machine Learning Yearning](https://www.deeplearning.ai/machine-learning-yearning/) book to Vietnamese. * [**Slack Visual Summary**](https://lkhphuc.com/slack-visual-summary/): A proof of concept demo to visually summarize a Slack channel using Machine Learning.